Tuesday, 22 February 2011

3DS: A first look

Whilst doing the routine 'Pottering by the game shops' today, I past by GAME and noticed that the staff were showing off a Prototype 3DS. Obviously being the Nintendo fan I am, I became almost stalkerish in my mannerisms, waiting for the previous customer to wrap up their turn so I could jump in and this, felt like an eternity.

The time came, and slavering just a little, I held the shiney little gadget in my hands, one of those true 'im not worthy' moments.

However, this feeling soon past, almost bitter sweet. Now its essential you don't get me wrong, I love Nintendo, im not one of these 'gamers' who seem to disreguard them as a cartoony waste of time. But honestly, it left me feeling, nay hoping that this early version wouldn't reflect the final console too much.

The 3D effect works but not as well as they are advertising it. Thats not to say it doesn't work at all, it just needs tinkering. The 3D slider (The slider that adjusts the depth of vision) rather than adjusting the depth, is more of a scanner, for each individual player. For me personally it was blurry at full depth, but a little tinkering got it perfect for me.

The game I demo'd was very much that, a demo. More of a simple toy than a game (I didnt catch the name, but I think it was inbuilt) it involved taking a 3D picture of your own face and then using the Camera and physically moving the 3DS around the room to shoot incoming avatars taken from aformentioned photos. Fun? yes, but its not as if it hasnt been done before.

When the 3DS was announced I very nearly needed new trousers, now that ive had time to reflect, other than the 3D the biggest draw to the console for me was the games. Lets reflect on some of the launch games:

Pilotwings Resort
Rayman 3D
Super Street Fighter 4
Metal Gear Solid 3
Resident Evil: The Mecenaries
Nintendogs & Cats

Now none of these sound bad, I mean heck, I absolutley love most of these games, but they are rehashed or sequels just in 3D. Must I really spend £229 on a new console to play games that already exist?

In conclusion, the console really looks the part but im not as overstruck now that ive played it as I was back when I saw its announcement. The original DS blew me away to the point where when March 11th 2005 rolled by, I bought one, the day it came out. Nintendo havent won me over this time.

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  1. CVG have given it a 9.6 out of 10!! I'm still not sold on it, waiting until x-mas for the PSP2, it's gonna own this device like Sony always do! :D